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BH Cosmetics’ mission is to develop cosmetics with the quality professional makeup artists crave at prices budget-savvy consumers can afford. 

Concept & History

BH Cosmetics was founded in 2009, and since that time it has become a worldwide makeup brand. Known for its signature eyeshadow palettes, BH has created over 14 unique eyeshadow combinations. Building on the success achieved in creating these palettes, BH Cosmetics has launched its Lip, Face and Makeup Brush lines; ultimately increasing its market-share of makeup sales, year-over-year.

The Presence

BH Cosmetics boasts a huge online presence with over 300,000 unique visitors a month and our expansive online marketing efforts ensure that our customer pool and brand identity will continue to grow. Plus, with distribution and call centers in California, U.S.A. and Wuppertal, Germany, BH Cosmetics ensures fast shipments at the lowest price, worldwide.

Best Terms in the Business

BH Cosmetics prides itself on transparency and simple policies. We offer small minimum quantities only an order value of $500.00 or more, and we offer bank wire payments on payments of $3,001.00 or more and credit card on orders under $3,000.00 for fast and secure transactions.


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  • No Minimum Quantity
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  • Major Credit Cards Accepted On 3K Or Less
  • Bank Wires for orders over $3K, Credit Cards for under $3K